What It’s Like to Have Your Butt Bleached: 5 Women Who’ve Done It Divulge


The good, the bad, the burning anuses.

It’s not just for Bridesmaids characters: Anal bleaching is gaining some serious traction. But is lightening your backdoor right for you? And how can you tell if your esthetician’s done a good job? Questions, questions.

We tracked down five women who’ve had the treatment to fill us in and share their tales from the deep:


“I watch a ton of porn, and there was this one video where the woman’s butt was just so…dark. I started to wonder if that’s what mine looked like. Since I was planning on getting a Brazilian to prep before hooking with a new guy for the first time, I just asked the salon to add an anal bleaching treatment to my tab. It was like spring cleaning for my genitals and boosted my confidence in the bedroom big time. I don’t get it done regularly, only for special occasions.” —Liz B.

“My friend and I went to a spa and spontaneously decided to try it. The initial treatment wasn’t so bad, but they sold us this at-home gel to maintain our butts, and it didn’t agree with me. Basically, it lit my ass on fire. I shouldn’t have been surprised, since you have wear gloves to apply it. I should have realized that if it’s bad for my hands, wiping it on my poor, unsuspecting booty was a bad idea.” —Tiff H.

“I do it for aesthetic reasons. My boyfriend and I enjoy a lot of anal, and I just feel more comfortable knowing that I’m tidy back there. I started getting it done at the same place I’ve been getting my waxing done for years, so the process wasn’t awkward at all. Luckily, I only have to go in twice a year for upkeep.” —Naomi L.

“I scored a management position at work, and my bestie gave me a certificate for a free bleaching as a joke. But, I actually used it! The process was surprisingly quick and didn’t hurt like I thought it would, though it was a little too, well, intimate for my liking. But, hey, there’s nothing like starting a new job with a new butthole.” —Maggie W.

“When it comes to grooming, I’ve always been super-thorough. Pregnancy hormones threw my body out of whack, and one of the not-so-attractive outcomes I faced post-baby was a dark ass. So I took the DIY approach and bought some skin lightening cream from the drugstore. It was just weird. Since you can’t see your hole, you have to tie yourself up like a pretzel to put the gel where it needs to be—and then stay that way for 20 minutes—as if it ain’t no thang. I decided my ass can be whatever color it wants to be.” —Nicole F.


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