This Woman Lost 30 Pounds Weight By Changing Just One Bad Habit


Four months after having her third tyke, Maggie Fierro didn’t feel like herself in her own particular skin any longer. She had dependably been dynamic, yet at 166 pounds, she wasn’t content with her baby blues body. “To be completely forthright, I even experienced considerable difficulties taking a gander at myself in the mirror, and taking that before picture (at left above) was in reality extremely troublesome for me to do, however, I knew something needed to change,” she says.

What did She change?

Maggie totally revamped her eating habits and exercise routine. The biggest change was cutting out late-night snacking and binging. “I used working out to de-stress at night instead of [eating] food,” she told. What a simple, effective swap!

Late-night snacking. That sneaky, unhealthy habit was taking a serious toll on her waistline, so she replaced it with a healthier alternative: a daily workout. Research shows that eating late at night can cause weight gain. But it’s never a good idea to go to bed hungry, either.

Since she started her wellness travel, the mother of three has unquestionably developed the previously mentioned schedule. These days, Maggie is concentrating on muscle development, for the most part lifting weights and doing HIIT works out. She works out six days for each week (Sunday is her vacation day), beginning her morning with a brisk HIIT warmup (generally dashes or paddling), trailed by a lifting session. In addition, for three or four days seven days, she likewise sneaks in another evening time hop rope HIIT routine in the wake of putting her three children to bed. So amazing!

What Happened?

Visit Maggie Fierro’s Instagram account, and your jaw will drop at the stunning photos of her tanned, toned figure. But believe it or not, this fitness blogger hasn’t always felt comfortable showing off her body.


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