Japanese Exercise That Works Effectively For Weight Loss


If you do not have the answer, then we have brought a Japanese technique for you, in which you do not have to diet, nor need to go sweat in any gym. For this, we are telling you about a little exercise, which is suggested by Japanese doctors
Doing this exercise will also give your back pain relief. So let’s go again, we are telling you how to do this exercise. For this, just need to take a towel i.e. towel


How To Do This Exercise:

1. Take a 15 inches long and 4 inch wide towels, and fold it like a cylindrical roll.
2. After this, you lie down on the floor and place the towel under your break.
3. Lie down on the back and keep the towel near your waist so that it is parallel to your navel.
4. Open your ankles up to the width of the shoulders, while keeping your toes together.
5. Move hands over the head. Small fingers of the palms should also be connected.
6. Stay in this position for 5 minutes.
7. Then slowly return to the normal state and finish the exercise.


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