7 Science Backed Methods to Increase Sperm Count Fast


Couples which are interested to conceive a baby, are often looking for problems related to sperm count, quality and it;s effects on the baby. Healthy sperm count and quality increase the chances of pregnancy. The number of healthy sperm is essential for fertility, and so it is important to increase sperm count if the male partner is lacking on it.

But, it takes only One Sperm to Fertilize the Egg. Then why does Sperm count Matters?

Though it is true, that for pregnancy to occur only one of each egg and sperm is needed. But the getting pregnant is not as easy as it’s said. The egg in the woman’s uterus is protected with many layers. As the man ejaculates, the majority of the sperm cannot prevail through the barriers and fail to fertilize the egg. A high sperm count and healthy sperms increase the probability of one healthy sperm reaching and implanting itself on the egg.

It all goes to the old theory proposed by Darvin – Survival of the Fittest. High sperm count reflects positively on the health of each sperm in the semen.

Low Sperm and Male Infertility

Normal standards for sperm count in 1 millimeters of Semen ranges between 40 to 300 million.
While a sperm a sperm count of 20 to 50 million is considered adequate enough for pregnancy.
But when the count gets lower, in the range between 10 to 20 million, it is considered as Low Sperm count.

increase sperm

Low sperm count is the prime reason for Male infertility. Though, male infertility depends on many other factors such as libido, erectile dysfunction, testosterone levels etc. including sperm count.

Infertility is a growing problem all over the world. About 18% of couples in the world are affected by infertility, and 50% of this is because of infertile male partner.

Although infertility cannot be 100% cured, the fertility rates and sperm count can be improved with nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle and a little help of supplements. In this article we list 10 such ways to increase sperm count fast:

7 Science-Backed Methods to Increase Sperm Count

1. Increase Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C works as an antioxidant that counteracts the effect of Oxidative stress in the body.
Oxidative stress happens when the body’s antioxidant defense system is overwhelmed fighting with pollutants, infections, diseases and old aging cells. Oxidative stress can have adverse effects on the male fertility.

In such cases, taking antioxidative supplements such as Vitamin C can improve the sperm motility and sperm quality. According to a study, Taking a dose 1000 mg Vitamin C daily for 60 days can increase sperm count by 100% and also reduce the number of unhealthy or damaged sperm cells in the semen.

2. Include Ginseng Root (Ashwagandha) in Your Diet

Ginseng (Withania Somnifera) also called as Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb. It has been used in Indian Medicines and Ayurveda since ancient times.

Modern scientific studies show that Ginseng roots can increase sperm count by boosting the levels of Testosterone Hormone. The study shows that taking ~ 650-700 mg of Ginseng root extracts can increase sperm count by 160% over the course of 90 days. It also improves the semen volume and sperm motility.

3. Fenugreek supplements

Fenugreek (Methi or Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a popular culinary herb that also poses medicinal qualities.In some studies investigating the use of fenugreek, promises to improve sexual performance and libido. However, in most studies, fenugreek seeds were used to supplement fertilizers

A few studies examining the effects of fenugreek to improve sexual performance, libido and sperm count have shown promising results. Most of the studies were conducted using the extracts from fenugreek seeds.

Another study was conducted using Testofen (a supplement made with fenugreek seed extracts and added nutrients), which shows improvement in strength, libido and sexual performance in men over the course of 60 days.

This study reports increase of testosterone levels and also, the individuals who have taken part as the subject have also self-reported an improvement in erectile function.

4. Get Sufficient Vitamin D

Vitamin D is yet another nutrient that can help you increase sperm count.
A study establishing a direct correlation between the two show that men suffering from Vitamin D deficiency also have lower testosterone levels. This controlled study also claims that taking Vitamin D3 supplements increased their testosterone by 25% over the time of a year. Another study ambiguously claims that vitamin D supplement can also improve the motility of sperm.


5. Use Bindii (Tribulus Terrestris) Extracts

Bindii or Tribulus Terrestris is a small herbal plant that grows everywhere on the planet. Commonly found in the Northern America, the extracts of this plants have shown promising results in increasing sperm count.

Consuming a 6-gram dose of Bindii roots daily might increase the libido-inducing effects on the body. However, this does not make any changes in the level of testosterone hormone. You can find supplements made with Bindii extracts in the form of capsules and powders sold in the market.

The plant acts as an aphrodisiac. However, the studies conducted were not decisive and does not confirm the long-term effects and risks of using this supplement.

6. D-A Acid Supplements Increase Sperm Count

It is an amino acid known as D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA), sold as a dietary nutritional supplement. D-AA is naturally formed and found in the cells of testicles, sperms, and semen.

Studies have found, that the males suffering from lower fertility rate also have a significantly reduced amount of D-AA. Taking D-AA supplements have been proven to increase the level of testosterone and also sperm count.

However, the results from conducted studies are not consistent, hence further studies are required to establish the effects of D-AA.

7. Zinc to Increase Sperm Count

Zinc is an essential mineral for when it comes to healthy male fertility. Studies have connected low Zinc levels with deformed sperm and low testosterone levels. Low Zinc level can cause critical male infertility.

Zinc supplements are proven to increase the quality and health sperm along with the testosterone levels. Athletes and people who do High-Intensity workouts can also suffer from low testosterone levels. Zinc supplements are a good option to get testosterone levels back to normal again. Zinc is found in abundant quantities in meat, chicken fish and other animal-based food products.

These are the 7 science and research-backed ways to increase sperm count. Apart from these, you should also lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain the optimum health of your sperm and protect fertility.

5 Steps to Maintain Healthy Sperm Count

Exercise Regularly

Exercises not only make you physically fit and improve stamina, they can also improve your fertility. Regular medium intensity exercises improve your testosterone levels. Studies have shown that men who exercise, have better quality and volume of sperm in semen than the who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Be more physically active and exercise more to improve your fertility. However, pushing too hard and doing excessive high-intensity workouts can have adverse effects on the testosterone levels.

Keep Mind Relaxed

If you want to increase sperm count, then keep your mind relaxed. Having stress and unrelaxed mind can affect the libido and reduce sexual satisfaction. Stress generates higher levels of cortisol hormone which has an inverse relation with testosterone. Higher cortisol in the body reduces the testosterone levels. Prolonged effect of cortisol can lead to male infertility.

Simple techniques of yoga, meditation and stress management can provide relaxation to the brain. Take proper sleep, minimum 8 hours every day to reduce physical stress on the body.

Avoid Tight Clothing

Tight clothing may restrict the air normal airflow to the scrotum and increase the temperature. This can affect the quality of your sperm. To increase sperm count, keep the body cool in moderate temperatures. Wear loose boxers made with breathable fabric, such as cotton.

Avoid Alcohol and Nicotine

People who have a history of Alcohol and nicotine addiction, are reportedly more prone to lower sperm counts. Similarly, use of cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs also affect your fertility adversely. These substances act as toxins for sperm, damaging the quality and motility.

If you suffering from an addiction of any such substance, kindly visit a doctor and ask for methods to quit the addiction as soon as possible.

When to Medical Attention?

If you had been trying to conceive for more than a year, but the efforts and unprotected sex is not resulting in pregnancy.
If the male partner is over 35 years of age.
You had been exposed to substance or environment that can reduce sperm count.
You had a hobby, addiction or any underlying health condition that may affect your fertility.
If you had been taking medication or going through any medical procedure that may reduce sperm count.
When couples fail to conceive pregnancy naturally, they seek medical help and opt for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). But the success of IVF (commonly known as Test Tube Fertilization) also depends on the quality and the health of sperm. However, a single sperm can be implanted directly on the egg using the process of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection.


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